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The “result_of” template

October 20, 2011

C++11 has several new features which add the ability for the compiler to automatically deduce the type of an expression. These include decltype, declval, auto and of course result_of.

The result_of template should be used when you only have the types of objects. It takes a single function-type template argument, and contains a type member which gives the result when an object of the specified template type is called with arguments of the specified types.

For example, if you write:


then you will get the type when an object of type T is called with arguments of type U and V.

This can be particularly useful when writing a template function which returns something that depends on template parameters. You can do something like this:

foo(T t, U u)
  //do something that ends up returning t(u)

The declaration of result_of is as follows:

template <class> class result_of;
template <class F, class... ArgTypes> 
class result_of<F(ArgTypes...)>;
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